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The Great Loop

Outer Banks Road Trip    Chart
(Lat: 36º 18.2'N Lon: 75º 48.1'W )

We took a road trip to the Corrolla, NC, on the Outer Banks. My brother and some of his friends had rented a beach cottage there and had a spare bedroom which we could take advantage of. We had a great couple of days and on the way back we traveled south all the way down the Outer Banks and took the ferry from Hatteras to Ocrakoke and then the ferry across the Sound to Swan Quarter. It was a rainy day for the crossing but we still got to see the Sound from a different perspective than when we have traveled on it in our boat.
Jackie took some pictures of the area and we have added captions to them which you can see by clicking on the picture. The Outer Banks is different from most beach areas in NC because of the very high dunes along the ocean. You can also drive on the beach as the sand is pretty well packed down. In fact to go North along the beach on one road out of Corrolla you must drive on the beach.
We had a nice time exploring and being together with my brother and his friends.
Bald Head To Carolina Beach    Chart
(Lat: 34º 3.255'N Lon: 77º 53.412'W )

Today we got up early, returned the golf cart to the rental area and then headed back to Carolina Beach after a great stay in Bald Head Island. On the way back we didn't take many pictures as there was very little traffic on the water and we already presented pictures of you trip to Bald Head. The weather was great again and the river very smooth.
We also have our boat in our own slip in Harbour Point so the coordinates are slightly different but we are on the same dock just a little closer to land.
Bald Head Island

Today we hopped on our golf cart and toured the island and then spent part of the afternoon at the Shoals Club enjoying the pool and view. In the late afternoon we returned to the boat and watched college football. It was a very beautiful and relaxing day.
Below we will show you pictures Jackie took of the island. She took pictures of the marina area and also some pictures as we drove around the island. It is really a beautiful and kind of unique place. We will put captions with each picture so you can know what the picture represents. Just click on the picture to see the caption. We hope you enjoy the tour.
Bald Head Island

The weather was great again to day and we took the first part of the morning to do emails, read and chill out. Jackie also put ice on her ankle which was a little better today.
We spent most of the day down at the beautiful Shoals Club both at the pool and ocean. Jackie absorbed the sun and I stayed in the shade.
Jackie took pictures of the beach, Shoals Club, the Chapel and Old Baldy.
The Shoals Club is a very nice facility with a fitness center, 2 pools, a Tike Bar and very nice restaurant. Since you rent your slip, you have the right to join the Club for a 2 day minimum for $20/day. They also provide towels, chairs and even umbrellas for the beach.
There is an area of shoals that start where the East Beach meets the South Beach. This shoals goes out in the water over 12 miles and while some are easy to spot from your boat, others are hidden under the water to trap boaters who don't have or follow good charts. There have been many ships wrecked in this area. The area is called Frying Pan Shoals. We took a few pictures but the tide was pretty high. Tomorrow we will try to get better pictures.
Since her ankle was better we decided to stay here on Sat and not head back to Carolina Beach until Sunday morning. Tomorrow we will take pictures of the marina area and some of the houses.
Carolina Beach To Bald Head Island    Chart
(Lat: 33º 52.604'N Lon: 77º 59.97'W )

This morning it was a very clear sunny day for or trip to Bald Head Island. BHI is an island right at the point of where the Cape Fear River meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is only accessable by boat, either private boats or the BHI ferry system. It is a very lovely resort community where people get around on golf carts, bikes or walking. We usually come here once or twice a year as it is only about a 40 minute boat ride from Carolina Beach but with all our other boating adventures,, this was our first opportunity.
On our way over, we stopped at South Harbor Marina in South Port to fill up our fuel tanks as they had the lowest price $4.239/gal and they are a convenient place to stop.
The weather for the next couple of days is going to be outstanding so we are looking forward to exploring by golf cart, enjoying the pool and beach at the Shoals Club and just enjoying our boat.
While we were cleaning our boat after arriving, Jackie slipped and turned her ankle so we won't be doing a lot of walking but she can still get around ok.
She will be taking pictures each day here and we will load them on this section for your enjoyment. The pictures below are of our trip over and a few of the marina area. There was a beautiful sunset last night that she captured. Be sure to click on the pictures to get an explanation of what you are seeing.