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The Great Loop

Anchoring Out At Wrightsville Beach

Our good friend JoAnne Norton was single handing here sailboat back to her home port in Annapolis. She was traveling with another sailboat from same home port marina. Jackie and I took our 27' Boston Whaler up to meet them as they anchored in the sound area. It was a very windy night but they anchored ok and then we picked up the 2 guys, Dave and Tony, on their sailboat and took them to JoAnne's boat where we got acquainted, shared some wine and snacks and then we took them to dinner on the ICW at Bluewater. We had a nice dinner and returned the guys back to their boat and we rafted off JoAnne's boat for the night. We had a great time and we always enjoy spending time with JoAnne.
The next morning they were going to sail via the ocean to Beaufort and wanted to get an early start. We got up at 6 AM, said our goodbyes and Jackie and I drove our boat back to our slip at Carolina Beach. We got some pictures of a beautiful sunrise and also some shots of the large dregging operation that was going on near the Carolina Beach Inlet.