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The Great Loop

Cabela's Outfitting Co In Scarborough, ME    Chart
(Lat: 43º 36.1'N Lon: 70º 22.15'W )

This was our last full day of a very busy and fun week. Today we wanted to relax and pack and stay fairly close to home but did want to do something fun. We discovered that the Cabela's Outfitting Company's Store was just up the road 25 miles in Scarborough.
The store was very large and very well done. It had some fabulous wildlife displays through out the store with a very 360 display in the middle of the store. It was fun to go through and see all their offerings. You name it in the outdoors gear market and they probably have it. I also found it interesting that they had a guy in the front of the store to make sure you left you guy with him while you were in the store.
After leaving Cabelas was saw a Famous Dave's BBQ and we have never eaten at one. So we did lunch with Famous Dave. The food and service were very good.
We spend the rest of the afternoon catching up on emails, packing and resting.
For the evening we went to Wells Beach to walk the beach and then went back to the Irish Pub Felle and had another great meal. Maine beaches are very different than NC or FL beachs. They are much more rocky and almost no sand. I have included and couple of Iphone pics of Wells Beach.
After dinner we went back to the room and watched the Boston Red Sox play Miami and duing the ads I would channel surf. While surfing I found the PBS special presentation fo the 25th Anniversary performance from London of the Phantom Of the Opera. It is our favorite play and we watched spell bound by the absolutely amazning presentation.
Great last day.
Portsmouth NH Area    Chart
(Lat: 43º 4.36'N Lon: 70º 43.48'W )

Today we drove just over the border to NH to tour the city of Portsmouth. We particularly wanted to do the Harbor Tour. The town is located on the south side of the Piscataqua River and forms the Harbor with deep channel from the Atlantic Ocean. It is the home of the original Navy Ship Yard circa 1800. It is known as the submarine yard that built many submarines for WW2. Today it is still active and doing maintenance of Los Angeles Class Nuclear Subs. It is currently repairing and refitting the sub Miami which had the terrible fires on board. The redoing the sub will cost in the neighborhood of $300,000,000. During WW2 there were 20,000 workers and tow thirds of them were women. They produced a new sub every 8-10 days. This Navy Yard is also the home of the infamous Portsmouth Navy Prision. It was where the Navy housed its highest security prisioners until it was shutdown in 1989. They never lost a prisoner in its entire history. The guards were told that if they were responsible for losing a prisoner they would have to serve out the prisoners sentence. The prison is on a beautiful piece of land and is very impressive. The community was hoping to take over that property for commercial purposes but after 911 those plans were cancelled as HomeLand Security felt it was too big a risk with the nuclear activity of the sub yard.
The town itself is a very nice town of 21,000 people composed of many restaurants and shops. The harbor cruise tookus out of Porsmouth around the various island and out to the Atlantic through a back channel and then back to town through the main Channel. The Piscataqua River has the second highest rate of tidal flow in the US. The average flow is 4kts with a 8-9' tide change.
During the cruise I talked to the Captain about the boat, the area and the tidal impact. He did a great job handling the boat in that tide and his biggest challenge was taking the boat under a very low and narrow opening with the fast tide. He can only do that going into the tide flow and at a fairly good speed to make sure he didn't get pushed to one side or the other. It was a great tour and we told him we would mention him in our Blog. We took a picture of Capt Demitry and his Mate Sara.
After the cruise we drove around the Portsmouth area to see it by car and then crossed the river to Kittery, ME and had lunch at the waterfront restaurant Warren's Lobster House. It has been a popular place way back to the 50's. Back then you could get a complete 1.5lb lobster dinner for $3 and a steak dinner for $3.50.
Boston Visit    Chart
(Lat: 42º 22.18'N Lon: 71º 3.15'W )

Today we got up and drove 1.5hrs one way to Boston for the day. Jackie had never been there and it is a really neat town to visit. Traffic is always bad and when you don't know where you are going it makes it worse but we had a Tom Tom GPS system which got us there.
We knew a day wasn't a very long time to tour so we took the Old Town Trolly System which takes you all over the city and is narrated. You can get on and off the trolley as many times as you want. We did the entire route to make sure we saw everything and then we went to special places we wanted to spend more time including Charleston Harbor/Old Iron Side,Bunker Hll Monument, Faeuil Hall Marketplace, North End, Long Wharf/Harbor Cruise, Fenway Park. From the trolley we saw the Holocost Garden Display, Boston Common, the Public Garden, Cambridge/MIT, Financial District, Back Bay, TD (Boston Garden), etc.
One of our trolley drivers was named Crackerjack and he was awesome. His stories, humor,singing,getting audience participation,etc was really fun and informative. We enjoyed the Harbor Cruise a lot but the best part was our tour of Fenway Park. For an hour and a half our guide took us all over the stadium. We heard all the stories, saw all the memorabilia, walked the entire stadium, up and down the steps, tried out all the seats in the different sections including the Monster Seats.
We ended the day with a wonderful dinner at Dolce Vita in the North End. Frankco, the owner, greeted us at the door and welcomed us to his
house. We had a nice table and had a wonderful menu. When he took us to our table he said don't limit your choices to the menu. If there is something you want that you don't see on the menu or something you want to modify, just tell him. The food and service was excellent. We had our picture taken with Frankco and gave him our card with our Blog address. We told him we were going to mention his place in the blog. His website is
It was a nice but very long day with the drive back but well worth it.
Portland By Land And Sea    Chart
(Lat: 43º 39.9'N Lon: 70º 15.2'W )

Today we drove to Portland to explore the largest city in ME. It is also the farthest North port that never freezes and it is the closest sea route to Europe. Because of that they have played a very important role in the wars and development of our nation. The original homes of Portland were wood but the British attacked Portland in was of 1812 and burned the structures. After that the construction of homes was primarily stone/brick.
We particularly wanted to go on the Mail Run Island tour of the islands of Casco Bay. We walked the immedicate waterfront area and then decided we would take a trolley tour to really see the whole town including a side trip to South Portland and the Portland Head Light. So we did that for about 1.5 hours and then we had lunch on the water
at The Flabread Company which was a pretty cool all organic flatbreads and salad menu.
After lunch we boarded the mail boat and did our 3 hour tour through Casco Bay and the Gulf of Maine. The water was beautiful and
After lunch we got on the cruise boat. For the people who live on the islands this is how they get back and forth on day trips and also how they get their mail and deliveries. We saw 6 major islands but only stopped and dropped people and mail off on the 3 largest. Jackie took pictures of the town architecture and the sites we saw.
I don't remember all the names of the various homes, etc, but it was a nice town with a proud history.
It was a good day.
Wells, Cape Neddick/Nubble Light and Kennebunkport    Chart
(Lat: 43º 10'N Lon: 70º 36'W )

Today we decided we would have breakfast at the famous Maine Diner. It has been featured the Food Network Show " Drive-ins & Dives and the Phantom Gourmet. It was good and packed with people. We were handed a card to fill in to give us a chance to win $1000 as a thank you for their 6,000,000 customer.
We drove down the road about 20 miles to the Neddicke/Nubble Light located in York, ME. We were struck by its beauty and the surrounding area. The coastline in this area is all granite boulders. We walked down near the water and watched the wave break over the boulders. The only way to get to the lighthouse is either by boat or by a basket on a pulley.
About 6 miles out in ocean there is a rock island called Boon Island with the Boon Light. It was called Boon because there were provisions on the island so if people wrecked there they would have some food to survive until rescued.
After the lighthouse we drove up the coast through the city of Ogunquit and Ogunquit Beach to see the beauty. Since it was only late morning we returned to Kennebunkport to walk around and have lunch on the water at Federal Jacks. After lunch we drove back to the Bush Compound for some more pictures and we saw that his boat was not in the harbor. We drove along the coast to see if we could spot it on the water but couldn't spot it.
After that we drove back to Wells via Wells Harbor from the mainland side and took a few more pictures and then went back to our place to watch the golf final round. We had a great dinner at Feile's Restaurant and Irish Pub. The food was great. I had corn beef and cabbage. Jackie had Shepperds Pie.
LL Bean Store and Freeport ME.    Chart
(Lat: 43º 50.58'N Lon: 70º 6.36'W )

We work up early as the daylight starts up here this time of year before 6am. We had breakfast at a favorite local place called Congdon's Donuts Restauant. They have many breakfast options and over 50 different types of donuts. Since the weather was overcast we thought this would be a good day to go to Freeport, ME, and visit the LL Bean Flagship Store.It is their 100 anniversary and it is a very impressive complex of 5 different stores. 1 Flagship, 2 Hunting and Fishing, 3 Bike, Boat and Ski, 4 Home Store, 5 Outlet Store. We spent several hours walking through the various stores and then walked across Main St to an outlet mall called Freeport Village Station. It was nicely down grouping out outlet stores and restaurants.
We decided we would drive toward the ocean and find a place on the water for lunch and we stumble on Freeport Harbor Marina. They have a local famous restaurant call Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster. It was jammed but served food pretty quickly. You ordered your food from one window and picked it up at another window and then sat in benches along the marina. They featured Lobster Rolls and a lot of different fried fish dishes, plus sandwiches, fries, etc. In addition if you wanted a whole lobster they had another window around the back of the store where you picked out the lobster you wanted and they would fix it for you in 15 minutes. Jackie wanted a lobster and she ordered her food there. She loved it. Couldn't be fresher.
After lunch we headed back toward Wells but we drove through Portland along the Harbor. It is a very nice area and we wanted to check out Ferry rides to decide which one we wanted to take later in the week.
We then continued on to Wells along the coastal route Rte 1 and 1A. We drove through Kennebunkport and drove by Pres. Bush's (41) compound on the ocean. It is a beautiful place and great location. Jackie took some pictures and then we headed back to Wells.
Sarasota To Wells, ME    Chart
(Lat: 43º 19.22'N Lon: 70º 33.48'W )

Took a 6am flight from Sarasota to Portland,ME. Rented a car in Portland for the week and drove to Wells. Wells is in southeastern ME near Kennebunkport. This is our base site for the week. Tonight we drove around a little and went to the Wells Harbor Inlet and Marina. We walked the granite bolder wall all the way out to the inlet. The river is the Webhannet River. The tide swings in this area are 8-9' and it is pretty much out for these pictures.