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The Great Loop

Snorkel Trip To Saddle Cay In Exumas    Chart
(Lat: 24º 37.36'N Lon: 76º 49'W )

Today we took an Island Adventures Fast Boat Snorkel Trip from Nassau to Saddle Cay in the Exumas. It was a 50 mile, 1 way, trip across the open ocean to the Exumas. When we arrived at Saddle Cay we got off the boat and set our belongings at one of the tables in one of the Tiki Huts and then enjoyed fruit, muffins and drinks before gettng back on the boat and heading to a horse shoe reef to snorkel. The snorkeling was unbelievable and the water was crystal clear. After snorkeling we got back on the boat and went to a huge sand bar that was used in the filming of the Pirates of the Carrabianne. Then we went back to Saddle Cay for a nice lunch fof BBQ chicken and many good sides and then had several hours to enjoy the beach or explore the island. We walked up to the peak and took some good pictures of the area. After that we got back on the boat and then headed to another Cay that was filled with Iquanas and people feed them grapes using a stick to keep a little distance. Then back on boat and back to Nassau. It was a long but awesome day. Best adventure of the week.
We did not take pictures of the snorkel area or sand bar as they warned us not to take electronics because they are likely to get wet. I think they also wanted us to buy a disk of pictures they took but we weren't willing to pay the $50.
This will be our last entry from Nassau as we spent Friday just enjoying the people, pool and ocean at our condo. Saturday we headed back to NC.
Atlantis Resort Visit    Chart
(Lat: 25º 5'N Lon: 77º 19.2'W )

Today we took the local bus/jitney to downtown Nassau and then took a harbor ferry over to Paradise Island and spent most of the day exploring the Atlantis Resort, marina and shops. It really is an incredible place. We took the Dig tour which gave us access to the Dig/aquarium and then after that we had the right to walk the ground to see the pool areas, water park and beach but not to use those facilities. We also checked out the casino, shops and beautiful marina with all the huge yachts.
Local transportation is fun to experience and the people are very friendly and helpful. The ferry boats would never be allowed to be used in US because they could never pass a Coast Guard inspection.
Cable Beach at Nassau Bahamas    Chart
(Lat: 25º 4.42'N Lon: 77º 24.24'W )

Had a good flight Saturday from Wilmington, NC to Nassau and took cab to our condo Westwind 1 at Cable Beach. On Sunday we went to the grocery store and then hung out at the beach and pool at our condo. We even took a kayak from our condo across the bay to Sandels Cay and snorkeled some off the North end. Today we had Eddie the taxi driver associated with Westwind 1 take us our a private 3.5 hour tour of the entire island. He took us all around and showed us the various neighborhoods ranging from poor to low middle to milddle to upper class. Also drove us along the port and explained how all the mail, vegetables and supplies come to island. Also took us across the bridge to Paradise Island and we saw Atlantis, the large big boat marina, the Cloisters and famous garden. It was a great first day and the best way to prepare for our week on the island.