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The Great Loop

Bald Head Island

Today the we went to the Shoals Club for several hours and then stopped by the Turtle Conservatory and some of the historical buildings on our way back to the marina. Again if you want to get a really good look at the history of BHI go to .
This was Pirates Weekend and the pirates arrived with canons firing to the delight of people on the island. The pirate boat docked just 2 boats from our boat so we were surrounded by people watching the pirates arrival. It was great fun as kids and adults both seemed to get a kick out of the pirate ship and pirates.
After the pirate event calmed down the boats that came for the MaineMax weekend had a nice Dock Tails party with food and drink and old and new friends. It was a nice way to end the day.
Jackie took pictures of some of the historical building and of the pirates arrival and they are in this blog entry for your enjoyment.
Bald Head Island

We spent the day relaxing and enjoying the pool and ocean at the Shoals Club. The club is a very nice facility right at the point where the East Beach and South Beach meet and it looks out over the ocean and the Frying Pan Shoals which is a shallows area that extends under the water out for almost 30 miles. Many ships over the years have become victims of the shoals
We didn't take many pictures today as we were resting but will take pictures tomorrow of the Shoals Club, etc.
Yesterday a few more boats from the MarineMax groupd came in and we got to see people we know and meet more people. Friday the majority of the boats will arrive.
Friday Jackie will start her famous meatball dish in the crock pot and then we will head back to the Shoals Club. This evening MarineMax is sponsoring a Docktails Party and the theme is "Your Favorite Tee Shirt". I am sure that will lead to a lot of fun and some interesting stories.
Since BHI is only accessible by boat, everything that come to the island from groceries to construction materials come via a large barge. I took a couple of pictures of the barge as it was leaving the harbor on one of its trips today.
Bald Head Island    Chart
(Lat: 33º 52.594'N Lon: 77º 59.977'W )

Today we left Carolina Beach and headed to Bald Head Island for 4 nights. BHI is only available by boat and transportation on the island is by golf carts, bikes, walking, etc. It is a very pretty island and fairly non commercial. It is a great place for families and friends to visit. We try to come here a couple times a year. This is our first time here this year and our last visit was last Oct. BHI is filled with history that includes, indians, pirates, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Loggerback Turtles and more. If you are interested in learning more about this fascinating place you can go to . They do a much better job writing about the history than I ever could.
For the trip we take the Cape Fear River from below Wilmington, NC, and follow it all the way to where it meets the ocean at the Cape Fear Inlet. It is a commercial boating inlet and when it is windy you can see how the river received its name. It was quite windy today and quite rough on the way down. The waves were 2-3 ft and very close together which makes for a rough ride. We had no real issues but the cross currents and waves at the inlet to BHI makes it very interesting getting in the inlet.
We are part of a group of about 40 boats that will be on a MarinaMax getaway this weekend. We came 2 days early to spend a little more time. We will take pictures of the weekend and include them in our blog reports. Jackie took some good pictures of marina views from our boat.