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The Great Loop

Big PIne Key/No Name Pub/Flea Market    Chart
(Lat: 24º 40.162'N Lon: 81º 20.941'W )

Every Saturday, Big Pine Key has a huge flea market where they have clothes, nick naks, produce, food, hard ware, boat supplies,etc. They have the same vendors there every Saturday and they do have good products at good discounts. We went last Saturday and again this Saturday with 2 other couples.
After the flea market we drove to a very popular Pizza pub called No Name Pizza which is located on a small Island called No Name Key. The pizza is wonderful and the place has a lot of atmosphere. Every inch of the walls and ceilings are covered with dollar bills that people sign or decorate with markers and staple up. I think there are about 20,000 bills and they are not put flat on the ceiling or wall but stapled on a corner of the bill so they hang down from ceiling. We added our marked up bill and Jackie took some pictures of the pub.
We also took a picture of a motor yacht aground on an island in Hawks Channel by the 7 Mile Bridge. I think the owner of the boat knew what he was doing as it looked like it wasn't in distress and it was gone the next day.
Marathon, FL

This entry is just a summary of some things going on the last week. Our friend Peggy from Carolina Beach and a number of Looper Boating friends have arrived so we have been very busy doing fun things. The Loopers group primarily has their boats at Sombrero Marina in Boot Key at Marathon. They are a very fun group and very resourceful.
While walking around the area and marina they found a picnic table, umbrella and TV in a dumpster area. They took them and set up a seating area right on the docks near the boats. They have added lights, chairs, a grill, etc, so it is a fun place to sit and socialize. They call the area the Bee Hive.
I have included some summary pictures of our activities and if you click on the pictures there is some wording describing them. Hope you enjoy.
Road Trip To Key West

We decided that we would take advantage of predicted good weather to do a day trip to Key West. We have visited Key West a number of times and really enjoy visiting there. We parked near the Historic Marina area and had a great lunch looking over the harbor. Then we walked all along the historic waterfront, saw a larger cruise ship, explored Duval St, shopped, visited the historic St. Paul's Episcopal Church, watched Sunset at Mallory Square and then had Sloppy Joe Nachoes at Sloppy Joes. We enjoyed the nachoes and watching the very R-rated and non-PC, but funny, Pete and Wayne Show. They are originally for the Cleveland area and are very familiar with Putt In Bay, the sports teams, etc.
Glass Bottom Boat Trip To Pennekamp Park Reef

Since it is quite cold in the Keys for a prolonged period of time we were looking for things we could do in the colder weather and still explore. We decided to go to Key Largo to take a glass bottom boat trip to the Pennekamp Park Coral Reef.
Since we were going to Key Largo we left a little earlier and did some shopping in Florida City to get some supplies from a big Walmart Store. We boarded the glass bottom boat at 1 PM and did a 2 hour tour. It was a clear day and seas were only about 1 ft chop. Water was very clear. We enjoyed viewing the sea life on the reef and also seeing the houses and boats along the channel leading to and from the harbor.
Right next to our tour boat dock their is the actual African Queen boat used in the Bogart movie. It was cool to see it up close and see that it was an actual working boat.
We enjoyed the day and on the way back to Marathon we stopped by the Island Fish House Restaurant for a nice dinner.
Jackie took some pictures and we will put a few in this entry but the pictures through the bottom of the glass bottom boat did not come out as clear as they were to our naked eyes. We did have a very pretty sunset to end our day.