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The Great Loop

Siesta Key To Casey Key And Back    Chart
(Lat: 27º 10.791'N Lon: 82º 29.729'W )

It was a beautiful day and our plans to boat with friends on their boat got cancelled due to a work conflict, so we hopped on Funautical and headed to Casey Key for lunch at the Casey Key Fish House and Tiki Bar. Casey Key is the first island South of Siesta Key so it is a realtively short but beautiful run down the GICW.
We hadn't stopped or eaten there and we had a very nice lunch with great views of the GICW, Blackburn Pt. Marina and the large homes on Casey Key. The Lat and Long shown is for Casey Key Fish House and Blackburn Pt. Marina.
Sadly our time is running out in FL and this is probably our last boat trip before we put the boat back on the trailer and get it ready to head back to NC.
Cabbage Key FL Day Boat Trip    Chart
(Lat: 26º 39.309'N Lon: 82º 13.306'W )

Today was a beautiful day and we decided we should take advantage of the weather and with our friends, Alice and Phil, we took our boat from Sarasota/Siesta Key to Cabbage Key. Cabbage Key is an island that you can only get to by boat and it is a reminder of what Old Florida looked like. The trip was 52 miles one way so it took 3 hours down and another 3 hours back. Lattitude and Longitude shown is for Cabbage Key.
We traveled down and back via the GICW so we had calm waters the whole way. We passed through Venice, Englewood, Boca Grande, Charlote Harbour, Gasparrilla and many other beautiful places. We have some pictures of houses we passed, a barge, a ferry system , etc. It was a great day and we got back in our home slip just before dark. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Lunch At Pops In Venice    Chart
(Lat: 27º 7.255'N Lon: 82º 27.937'W )

It was a nice but windy day so we thought we should run the boat. We took her from her slip in Siesta Key down the GICW to Pop's Restaurant in Venice, FL. Pop's is a well know on the water grill where you can enjoy dining and watch the boats go by. Jackie only got a picture of the Pop's sign because it was very windy and current was really moving so our focus was getting into and out of the dock safely. Next time we go by she will take some other pictures that show the restauant. She also took a picture of this huge house that is being built on the GICW. It has to take up 3 lots as it wraps around the corner.
We had a nice lunch and then headed back North to Siesta Key. On the way back our friendly dolphin who is always in the channel near there accompanied us North for some time so Jackie took some more pictures. Very nice day.