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The Great Loop


During our last week in Marathon we woke up one morning to find our neighbors boat accross the canal botto up in its slip. It was a small outboard which a canvas bimini top that was up. It took a while but a group from one of the local marine maintenance companies came with a diver and then used the winch that to pontoon boat was on to flip it back over. They then towed it to a ramp and took it out for service. It was very windy and rainy and I am guessing his bilge pump stopped working and the boat filled with water and the wind against the bimini flipped her over. We took a few pictures of the boat flipped over but we had to leave to go with friends so we didn't see it after they turned her back over.
Theater Of The Sea Islamorado, FL

Today we went with our friends Phil and Alice to Theater of the Sea park in Islamorado, FL. It is a privately owned sea park with dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles, parrots, etc. It is very well done and the shows are up close. We had a great time there and Jackie even got to swim with a dolphin. We took pictures of the day and will show some of them below. My pictures of her swimming with the dolphin give you the idea of what went on but we also have professional pictures by there photographer that show it even better. They are too big to download on the blog.
After we left the park, we stopped by some stores and then had a fabulous dinner at Brazilena. It is a Brazilian style eatery. It was fabulous and a special meal. The down side of the restuarant is that when you pay the money and have all the wonderful food brought to you table it is hard to resist and not eat too much.
Key West Meeting Author Tom Corcoran    Chart
(Lat: 24º 33.728'N Lon: 81º 48.12'W )

As we were looking for books to read in a book store in Key West, another customer told us of a local author, Tom Corcoran, who writes great mystery novels focused in Key West. We bought a couple of the books and started reading and really enjoying them. We then heard that Tom was going to be speaking at a weekly "Meet The Author" type event that the local library sponsors every Monday night.
So we and our friends Phil and Alice drove to Key West, had dinner at the Raw Bar on the waterfront and attended the meeting. We really enjoyed the evening. Tom talked first about his life experiences and how he eventually became an author. He was funny, very open and down to earth. He then read a few pages from his latest novel and talked about other works he had in progress and answered questions. Jackie bought his newest book and he signed the book and posed for a picture with her.
It was a very nice way to spend a rainy afternoon and evening.