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The Great Loop

Merry Christmas From Sarasota/Siesta Key    Chart
(Lat: 27º 15.254'N Lon: 82º 31.75'W )

We arrived in Sarasota mid day on Dec 23rd. and unloaded all our stuff into our condo at Castle Del Mar to get settled before Christmas. We were fortunate to find a nice 2 BR, 2 BA condo which is right on the GICW and we have a great view of the GICW from our MBR and Florida room. We are right next to the south(Stickney Point) drawbridge to Siesta Key. If you click on the red chart box you can see where the condo is.
On Christmas Eve we rode our bikes on the awesome Siesta Key Beach right next to the Gulf and through the town of Siesta Key for the first time this year. It is a glorious bike ride we try to do everyday. We then did some shopping to set up the condo and get some things for Christmas dinner with friend on Siesta Key.
We reserached churchs for candlelight services, got all dressed up, including tie, and decided to go to First Methodist Church in downtown Sarasota. We had a wonderful dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant in downtown Sarasota, Caragiulos's, before the service. The food was absolutely wonderful as was the candlelight service. Great first day in Sarasota.
Pompano Beach, FL Week 3

We had a great time in Pompano Beach and spent our last week exploring on our bikes, a couple days at the beach and a day traveling the ICW in the Ft. Lauderdale area on the water taxi. While we were riding bikes we discovered the Goodyear Blimp base station at the Pompano Airport. Jackie took some picture of that, our time on the beach which included the MetLife Blimp flying by and a moon view from our condo.
We decided to leave on the 23rd and drive to Sarasota so we could get thing set up there before Christmas Day.
Pompano Beach, FL Week 2

This week we had our daughter Kristen fly in from Ohio to spend most of the week with us. This is her third year joining us for a few days in the Pompano Area and gives her a good break from the cold and college. We had a great time dining out, shopping, looking at all the beautiful Christmas decorations and hanging out by the pool. Put her on the plane this afternoon back to Ohio with hugs and tears.
Pompano Beach, FL Week 1    Chart
(Lat: 26º 14.31'N Lon: 80º 5.24'W )

We are wintering in FL to enjoy the warmer weather and increase our boating time. We will also use this time to continue to expand our boating contacts and area nautical knowledge. We have towed our 27' Boston Whaler Outrage to the Sarasota and will use her to explore the waters of the mid to southern Gulf Coast.
We are currently in Pompano Beach area for a couple of weeks to unwind from a very busy Fall and will head back to Sarasota/Siesta Key around Dec. 22 or 23.
About once a week we will update our blog with pictures and stories of our time in FL. Since we are in Pompano Beach, our first pictures and stories will be from the Southeast Coast of FL.