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The Great Loop

Marathon FL    Chart
(Lat: 24º 43.807'N Lon: 81º 2.903'W )

On Dec 26th we left Pompano Beach with Whaler in tow and drove to our rental house in Marathon, FL. We will be here for 9 weeks. It has taken us a few days to get the house set up, boat in water, etc, and also enjoy the New Years Holiday. But we are in pretty good shape now and are looking forward to exploring by land and sea. I have included a few pictures of our 2 BR, 2BA house and lot. If you click on the chart line you can see the house is located on a lagoon on the Gulf side. It has a canal on a side of the lot with a boat slip and the back of lot is directly on the lagoon. It is a great location. We have palm trees loaded with coconuts, pelicans, iguanas, coral ledges, tons of fish, etc.
Eco Everglades Tour

Today we had a full day being picked up at our resort at 7 AM and not returning until about 5:30 PM. We took an Everglades Eco Tour that included a air boat ride in the grass glades, close contact with alligators with trained and humane handlers, walking tour to look at folage up close, stopping at an Eco Artists Shop in the Glades and continuing to the Gulf Coast at Everglades City where we had lunch and then took a large pontoon boat tour out into the mango groves and then the coastal waters of the Gulf looking at dolphins, sting rays and all types of birdlife.
It was a good day and we were in a nice van of 11 people and private guide who was very knowledgeable. All in all we travelled over 250 miles in the Van and also spent about 3.5 hours on the 2 boat rides.
Jackie took some good pictures of the wildlife we saw. Our daughter Kristine was visiting with us from Ohio and she also enjoyed the adventure very much. We saw so much it is hard to capture it in a few pictures but the pictures below should give you some idea of our day.
Pompano Beach Boat Parade Of Lights

Today we were surprised to find out that Pompano Beach had its own Parade of Lights Show and it went right next to our condo balcony so we had some wine and cheese and watched the show in comfort. The shows are so popular that the Goodyear Blimp covers the shows and flew right over our balcony. Also a Coast Guard Helicopter flew in parade and we got a picture but it is a little hard to see.
A number of the boats were in both shows so I will only include a few in this entry.
Ft. Lauderdale Christams Lights Boat Parage

We were fortunate to get a seat in the charter boat Serenity for a dinner cruise and anchorage to get a really up close view of the boat parade. It poured rain for part of the show but the show went on. We had a nice evening and meal on the boat.
South Beach/Miami Beach

We drove down to South Beach for a day on the beach. It is such an interesting area with the beautiful beach, street cafes and its mixture of all ages and nationalities. You can see about anything and everything there. We enjoyed the day and will probably come back one more time in the next few weeks. After leaving South Beach we drove over to Key Biscayene which is also a very beautiful area. We made the mistake of being on the highway during evening rush hour so our trip back was very long and tedious. Here are some pictures of South Beach and Miami.
Pompano Beach, FL

We arrived at Pompano Beach, FL, with our Boston Whaler in tow on Sat. Dec. 5. We will be here 3 weeks and then on to our ultimate destination of Marathon, FL. We are just enjoying the area and exploring primarily by SUV and using up some time share weeks that were about to expire. We have enjoyed hanging out by the pool right outside our Cabana door, walking the beach and doing field trips.
While at the pool the other day, a wildlife exhibitor brought a baby alligator named Chewy to show people.
Here are some pictures of Chewy.