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The Great Loop

Machinaw City/Mackinac Island    Chart
(Lat: 45º 46.297'N Lon: 84º 43.12'W )

It was clear and a little cool but a nice day to explore this area. We spent most of the morning touring Ft. Michmilimaniac which is a re-creation of the original fort that the Brittish used to protect the area. I was torn down by the Brittish when they feared it was going to be overrun by the US and the materials taken to Mackinac Island to build a new more secure fort. The historical societies of the area and State have done a wonderful job rebuilding the Fort. Very interesting to visit.
Before lunch we took a ferry boat to Mackinac Island and spent the rest of the afternoon, walking the village, taking a horse drawn buggy (all transportation on the Island is either by bike or horse drawn powered) to see the whole island, have a lovely lunch looking over the harbor and then back by ferry to Mackinaw City for the night. This was our last day or touring and we got up early on the 27th to drive all the way back to Columbus to spend the weekend with our kids and grandkids there. Michigan is a very long state and it took us about 8 hours to get to Columbus.
Travelling North Channel And On To Mackinaw City    Chart
(Lat: 45º 58.756'N Lon: 81º 55.441'W )

We left Sudbury early because we new we wanted to make several stops along the North Channel and in Sault Ste Marie and end up in Mackinaw City. We went down to the N Channel to Little Current, then to Blind River, Huron Shores, Richards Landing on St. Joseph's Island, then on to Sault Ste Marie and ended up in Mackinaw City for the night.
Along the way we drove all around each little town, had lunch at Richards Landing, drove all around Sault Ste Marie on both the Canada and US side and then ended in Mackinaw City to explore the town, have dinner and then get rested up for our next day exploring Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island. Latitude and Longitude is set at Little Current since it is a place of boating from Georgian Bay to the North Channel.
Owen Sound To Sudbury    Chart
(Lat: 44º 53.174'N Lon: 79º 40.095'W )

We had a full day driving along the bottom of Owen Sound around to the beginning of the Georgian Bay. We did slow driving tours through Medford, Thornbury, Wasage Beach, Penetanguishene, Midland, Victoria Harbor, Port Severn and had lunch at Big Chute. The only pictures we took were at Big Chute. You can see it is a lift to take boats from the river systems to Port Severn and the Georgian Bay or vice versa. Decided to put our position of latitude and longitude at Big Chute since Sudbury is not on the water but just a place we stopped at for the night.
After lunch we drove to Sunbury with brief stops at Parry Sound and French River. It was a very long but great day.
We discovered that almost all the roads we travelled on were in some phase of construction/maintenance. I guess their work season is very limited due to weather which creates the road work everywhere.
Owen Sound Ontario    Chart
(Lat: 44º 34.372'N Lon: 80º 56.516'W )

We had 5 days in between visiting our kids in Cleveland and getting back to Columbus to see kids there. We thought we would head off by car to see a part of Canada that Loopers do by boat. It was a whirlwind trip and can't compare to doing it by boat but we made the most of our time there and travelled over a 1000 miles.
The first day we went from Cleveland up by Niagara Falls and up to Owen Sound where we spent the night. Owen Sound is at the southern most part of the Georgian Bay area. It is a very quaint town with shops, restaurants, friendly people and beautiful views of the water. We explored and took pictures and had a great dinner. Good start to the trip.
Bald Head Island

This is one of the best outings we do with the MarineMax/Sea Ray people. They host a BHI Getaway every year at this time. While it is very hot, it is a great time and attended by 20 - 30 other boats. Great socializing at Dock Tails, planned events and just walking the docks and catching up with old and new friends.
This is also the week that BHI has the pirate ship sail in and thrill everyone. This weekend we were also blessed by the getting to see the old large Coast Guard tall sailing ship sail right by us on her way to Wilmington, NC, for a festival.
Since we have put so many entries already on the blog we don't take many pictures while we are there or on the way but we did take some which we have included.
Great event for personal and business networking.