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The Great Loop

BHI Back To Carolina Beach

We left BHI this morning about 7:30AM to head back to our boat slip in Carolina Beach. We needed to get an early start as we needed to get Nauti Dreams back to CB, cleaned, unloaded and then we had to drive to our place in Seven Lakes(Pinehurst). We need to spend a few days there to check out our place, get our mail and visit with family and friends.
The Cape Fear area still had strong SW winds so the River was rough in the mouth of the river (where it meets the Atlantic Ocean). Once we boated a little farther up river we only experienced 1-2 ft waves. It was overcast but we didn't have any rain on the trip back to CB. We sprayed the salt water off the boat, unloaded the boat, showered, took things to our townhouse in CB, packed things we needed to take to Seven Lakes and headed NW. It was dry for most of the trip but we did hit a strong rain when we got about 30 miles from Seven Lakes. It didn't last long but we did have light rain the rest of the trip.
We had a WONDERFUL TIME on our 4 day visit to BHI and the MarineMax team really put on a very nice Rendezvous.
No pictures today because there was no interesting activity on the water. This is our last blog entry until we take a trip to the Beaufort, NC, area in mid Sept.
Bald Head Island

Today was our last full day at BHI. We spent most of the day at the Shoals Club pool and beach area. Many of the MarineMax group were there and we had a good time. We got to the pool early before many people where there and as we walked down the steps, we saw a crab walking across the steps. Jackie took a picture before it scampered off. After leaving the pool we drove our golf cart around a little bit and explored the island and then got cleaned up for the final official event. MarineMax rented the large Pavillion area and had a very good southern BBQ meal including, friend chicken, shrimp, pulled pork BBQ, cole slaw, potatoe salad, baked beans, corn bread, deserts, etc. It was a great feed and the weather was very clear and comfortable with very little humidity. After dinner there were a few comments made by our hosts, as Hospice Charity raffle, a large group picture and then a great band played from 8-10 PM. It was great fun
and during the bands first break, our friend and the Sales Manager from MarineMax Joe Jackson and his son (10) Lee did and inproptu show with Joe playing the electric guitar and Lee the drums. They were excellent and brought the house down.
Great way to end the Rendezvous.
While we were at BHI the winds were strong and from the SW and that created wave actions that started to fill in the inlet to BHI Harbor and one of the supply barges couldn't get through at low tide. So they loaded a backhoe on a barge and spent the day digging out the sand so the channel was safer. In between the ferry boats leaving and pleasure boats leaving and arriving, the barge operator would move the barge in the channel and dig up the sand and then have to move when a vessel needed to enter or leave and then moved back in and dug again. I took a picture from our dock showing the barge in the channel digging and the ferry boat waiting to get in. Took a lot of coordination but they go the channel cleared of the sand bar.