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The Great Loop Intro

Welcome to our Great Loop Adventure section of our web site. This section will chronicle our trip around the Great American Loop plus the Bahamas Islands over the next couple of years.

While this adventure is a dream of ours, the trip is primarily a business effort with the goal of expanding our boat business, Carolina Captains LLC. We hope that the exposure we will receive on the trip will increase our broker business, however, the primary focus will be to expand our knowledge and experience on the major boat delivery routes in the eastern United States and Canada. By personally navigating these routes, people who want their boat delivered to another location, will have the confidence in our ability to safely and professionally move their boat.

On the trip we will meet many boaters, Dock Masters, Lock Master, etc. The knowledge we gain as well as the exposure we receive should be very valuable.

If you are following our progress via this web site and see that we are going to be travelling through your area, please contact us by email or cell phone as we would love to meet you. We should have pretty good cell phone and email access throughout the trip but if we get a little behind in getting back to you please be patient with us.

We look forward to sharing our adventure with you and if we can help you with your boating needs please contact us. Hopefully we will see somewhere on our route.

 Capt. Lynn & Capt. Jackie

Capt. Lynn & Capt. Jackie


Jackie and I were bitten by the “Boating Bug” while we lived in the DE/MD area. We spent weekends at our condo in Havre de Grace, MD, and we had a used 28’ express boat in the condo marina.

While I had owned a 17’ bow rider when I was in college, we were very energetic but not very experienced in boating. Like most new boaters the experiences of boating are both exhilarating, fun and at times, very nerve racking. Each time we took the boat out, it was an adventure and when we returned to our slip several experienced boater friends would drop what they were doing to help us get the boat in the slip safely.

One friend in particular, John Cole was extremely patient and helpful and we learned quickly as we boated frequently and added more water toys to our boating experience. Incidentally we are still good friends and he is the Web Master of our web site.

We loved the area and boating in the Chesapeake but we did not like it when we had to stop boating in the winter, and so we moved to North Carolina and had a boat at the Wrightsville Beach Marina. We stayed on the boat most weekends and especially enjoyed boating in the area during the off season as all the facilities were open but there were no crowds. As we gained experience our love for boating increased and we logged many hours of boating on the waters in the Southeast.

When I retired early from Du Pont, we decided to pursue our Captains Licenses and also formed a boat brokerage and delivery business, Captains Choice Yacht Sales, LLC, with good friends who had a great deal of boating experience and brokerage experience. After a year in the joint business we decided to sell our share of the South Carolina business to them and open our own business, Carolina Captains LLC, in North Carolina.

This has worked out very well as together we cover two of the largest boating areas in the Carolinas. We are still best friends and cooperate between our businesses to assure customers get the best possible service and the best value for their time and money.