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Using the charts

The charts are provided by Google Maps® using data provided by Nauti Dreams.

To access the charts:

Click on the "Great Loop" link on the left of the main page.

Select the month you are interested in viewing.

Select a log and click on the red "Chart" link.

Each coordinate registered represents a place that "Nauti Dreams" has stopped and is shown by a blue (Outbound) or red (inbound) marker point. As the voyage progresses there will be more and more markers, and the chart image will zoom out, and you will need to zoom back in to view recent positions.

There are two different ways to zoom in. If you double click your mouse just adjacent to the place marker the map will expand, and to can use the Up, Down, Left and Right arrows to reposition the marker. (This method is best when place markers are extremely close together.) Alternatively, if you highlight the marker you are interested in, you can use the zoom slider on the left of the page to zoom in.

Having zoomed in, you can click on the "Satellite" button at the top of the page to obtain a satellite image. Please note that these images are up to 5 years old, but are being constantly updated, so, if "Nauti Dreams" is located in a new marina, it might look as if she is anchored in the middle of nowhere.

Satellite image are produced from several sources, including NASA, state agencies and corporation such as TerraMetrics, and map data is supplied by Tele Data.

If you are interested in obtaining log pages and charts in this style, Coledata, Inc provides a website where you can create your own log pages, upload images, create routes, and enter track positions. Call them today on (USA) 410 939 1653 for further details.