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DatePlace NameNotes
07/31/08  Carolina Beach  This will be the last calender entry until we start to head south on the boat.
07/28/08  Carolina Beach 
07/27/08  Moorehead City 
07/26/08  Moorehead City  Weather was so nice we decided to go here instead of stopping sooner.
07/25/08  Coinjock 
07/24/08  Portsmouth Tidewater Marina 
07/23/08  Portsmouth Tidewater Marina  We liked Portsmouth so decided to stay there again.
07/22/08  The Tides Resort 
07/21/08  The Tides Resort 
07/20/08  Solomon's Island Yacht Center  We heard Pt. Lookout was not a good place anymore and same with Cambridge so we went to one of our favorite places for the night.
07/19/08  St. Michaels 
07/18/08  St. Michaels 
06/18/08  Havre de Grace for a month ?  We plan to visit friends in North East, MD, and other area friends. Work on the boat, take some day trips by boat and also by rental car. Since we used to live here it feels good to visit.
06/15/08  Baltimore Inner Harbor for 4 nights ? 
06/10/08  Annapolis for 5 nights ? 
06/09/08  Solomon's Island - maintenance  When we checked the engines before leaving for St. Michaels we found a lot of antifreeze under the port engine. We called the Cummins rep and they came first thing in morning. Did a great job. We decided to skip St. Michaes for now and got on to Annapolis for an extra day.
06/07/08  Solomons ? 
06/05/08  Crisfield, MD 
06/04/08  Field Trip to Cape Charles and Onancock  Weather was too bad to boat so some fellow AGLCA friends who had a vehicle. Had a great day.
06/03/08  Portsmouth/Norfolk  Tidewater Marina
06/01/08  Portsmouth/Norfolk, VA  Tidewater Yacht Club in Portsmouth
05/31/08  Coinjock, VA  The food reallly is great, however: Coinjock is one of the few lock gates on the ICW. - and, having transited the locks you are totally confined until you reach Norfolk, VA
05/30/08  Belhaven, NC  The holding sucks, and the marinas are seriously exposed to the dominant winds. (This is not an arbitrariy comment, but 25 years of visitig Belhaven and surrounds from known friends prompt this comment.) The golf carts are great, and many more towns on the Eastern Coast should addopt this idea.
05/29/08  Beaufort, NC 
05/29/08  Beaufort, NC 
03/19/08  Carolina Beach, NC - Home Port /Lay Over until May 
03/18/08  Little River 
03/17/08  Charleston 
03/16/08  Charleston 
03/15/08  Beaufort 
03/14/08  Beaufort 
03/13/08  Hilton Head 
03/12/08  Hilton Head 
03/11/08  Hilton Head, SC 
03/10/08  St. Simons 
03/09/08  St. Simons, GA 
03/08/08  Fernadina Beach 
03/07/08  Fernandina Beach 
03/06/08  St. Augustine 
03/05/08  St. Augustine